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Economic Development

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This service normally provided to Fortune 500 companies has now been tailored for small and mid-sized enterprises at affordable pricing to help you make the right decisions at the right time in real-time.

3 Different Reports For 3 Different Needs

Topic Overview

Understand the potential impact of new & existing technologies on your industry, marketplace, and business


Provides a list of qualified startups and other organizations that can supply specified technology and/or innovation

Business concept

Graphically combines technologies, industries and companies to generate new business concepts


Scanning Millions+ Potential Solutions

Decision makers of public/private entities can obtain TDP highly-tuned reports in real-time and in rapid time.

TDP does this by running its proprietary artificial intelligence software across the global pipeline of startups and SME networks, using unstructured data to identify trends and patterns invisible to human eyes. TDP analysts tune the machine learning and find meaningful insights. To learn more about TDP’s methodology and processes, here is a link to TDP’s presentation at Stanford University’s Summit on Disruptive Technologies:

We Allow You To:

  • Leverage disruptive forces early on to ask the right questions with the right data to answer them
  • Get highly customized views into opportunities and marketplaces
  • Discover adjacent markets and how they are relevant to current strategy
  • Bring new products and services to market
  • Spend less time listening to startup pitches and more time evaluating strategic decisions
  • Open new revenue streams for job growth by discovering new markets and creating new ecosystems

Our Technology

Extensive Data Sources

TDP sources data from government and institutional partners in the private and public sectors in addition to start-ups and SME networks both in the private and public sectors to provide a large, comprehensive data set. TDP breaks down the data and then maps it back together to find hidden opportunities for economic development that humans alone cannot accomplish.

Advanced Data Processing & Machine Learning

TDP uses advanced data analysis techniques to repurpose the data gathered to custom fit public/private sector needs.  The latest advances in Machine Learning and statistical modeling are applied to unlock concealed insights to produce innovative solutions for job growth, market expansion and foreign direct investment (FDI).

The Human Element

TDP understands the limitations of even the most cutting edge technology in innovation analysis. Human analysis is required to ensure the proper context is applied and is appropriate for the unique circumstances and strategy of our clients. When combined with our data analytics tools, TDP supercharges your ability to make the right decisions that drive towards innovation and financial impact, at a fraction of the cost in rapid time.

Finding Meaning In Data

TDP uses data to help you drive action. With proprietary processes and technology, we discover patterns, insights, and unknowns. We don’t believe in analytics unless it drives you to action. More than lists and searching tools, TDP turns mountains of data into an actionable road map for significant economic impact.

TDP works with all functional areas of public/private entities to drive financial impact. Because every entity is different, TDP provides personalized, individualized research, analysis, and reporting in real-time to help address Executive questions

TDP Reporting & Pricing
Untitled design (90)

US $100

Topic overview Report

Allows you to identify an innovation trend before it becomes public knowledge. Don’t spend valuable time with fruitless online searches and get qualified and insightful market trends for your specific use case to grow your business.

US $250

solutions Report

Our proprietary artificial intelligence filter generates thousands of startups and technologies down to a few highly relevant options. We only include startups that can create financial synergy with your existing products or services.

Copy of Untitled (26)
Untitled design (92)

US $500

Graphical, Business Concept report

Have an existing product or new idea? Identify what adjacent markets and products you could easily enter. Discover what new trends represent threats and opportunities to your current offering.

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